E Cool

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E-Cool is revolutionary product from the house of Activolt. eCool is the result of intense research and development from technical experts. eCool works well with all the windows and split air conditioners of up to 2 tons and reduces power consumption by 70%. Moreover, the air conditioner warranty is not affected by installing eCool.eCool comes with a backlit display and six operating modes. In addition, eCool also protects your machine from high or low voltage fluctuation.

E – COOL works on the principle of rate of heat transfer as well as the feel value of the temperature. A temperature of 28 degrees cekcius may not feel hot in a dry climate, but the same may give a feeling of being very hot in a humid climate. This shows that our perception of feeling hot or cold is very much dependent on various factors other than temperature and much more so with different stress levels, relaxation levels and metabolism speeds. If these factors are utilized sensibly, we are able to save energy as well as keep better hearth.

Star Rating Unit Consumption per day without energy saver Unit Consumption per day with e-cool KWh Difference in consumption per day kWh Difference In consumption per year Saved Amount as per Rs.6.5 per unit
No star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574
1 star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574
2 star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574
3 star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574
4 star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574
5 star 9.45 4.15 5.3 1934.5 12574