Power Line Conditioners

Activolt offers matchless On Call/ Spot Services for UPS of any types and make during sudden shutdown/breakdown. In addition, Activolt offers comprehensive and non-comprehensive services for UPS.



1kva upto 200kva

These Power Line Conditioners incorporate TSi’s unique Pulse-Width-Modulation technology. The high frequency IGBT driven converter takes the incoming AC power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage, 20,000 times per second, to achieve precisely regulated 230 VAC output on real time basis.

These PMW technology based Power Line Conditioners can handle any nature of load, resistive, inductive or regenerative with equal ease. Furthermore, there is no switching of taps or otherwise a break in the power path, which ensures continuous, uninterrupted, high quality power supply to the load, irrespective of input supply fluctuations.


CNC machines Radio base stations / TV broadcasting
Industrial process control, Automation & Robotics Radar & Microwave Stations
Automated Petrol Pumps & Dispensers Laboratory or Analytical Measurement Equipment
Banks, ATM’s Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital equipment
IT, ITES & Data Centers Security, Screening & X – Ray Machines
Printing Machines Malls, Multiplexes, showrooms, villas, Residential & Commercial establishments
Mobile communications (MSC/ BTS sites)

Indoor Power Line Conditioners

Indoor Power Line Conditioners are used to operate and protect your sensitive machinery. These are highly standardized for performance consistency and fast delivery and provide very high quality of power to your sensitive machines. This contributes to enhanced operation, improved performance and extended operating life of your machines. These conditioners are the ultimate solution to your power quality problems.


Standard 3-phase units are available in 4 different fluctuation ranges as below :

VRp Three Phase 400/415 V, 50/60 Hz

+ 12% & + 13% range is sufficient for most industries located in industrial zones
+ 20% range is sufficient for small industries located outside industrial zones, having poor power supply
+ 26% range is for those rare locations which suffer from severe power quality issues.

Standard single-phase units are available in standard +20% fluctuation range as below :

VRp Single Phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz

+ 20% range is sufficient for most applications on single phase loads.