Our UPS and generator surveys explore all of the essential elements required, to ensure you can implement the most optimized Power Continuity Plan for your site.


Many sites operate several UPS brands and often require advice on how to optimize their power protection systems, including seeking advice on:

  • UPS age and history: battery, capacitor and fan replacement issues and costs
  • Environmental impact: electrical efficiency, heat output considerations and battery management versus the latest technologies
  • UPS sizing and efficiency: including actual system loading and potential for system expansion
  • Potential savings: for an optimized maintenance and service plan


New installations generally provide a ‘green-site’ to work in, but where this is not the case a site survey will take this into account. Surveys by a Critical Power and Energy Specialist typically cover:

  • Resilience planning
  • Electrical installation
  • Logistics
  • Commissioning, training and handover
  • Monitoring and maintenance

The initial free site survey is essentially a gap analysis, and our subsequent report and recommendations will help identify how you can optimize your power and energy management.