Static Voltage Regulators

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1kva upto 200kva

The static voltage regulators serve as an ideal solution for situations where stable power is mandatory, esp. for high end electronics.The high frequency IGBT driven converter takes the incoming AC power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage, 20,000 times per second, to achieve precisely regulated 230 VAC output on real-time basis.

The PMW technology based static voltage regulators allow trouble free operation of your electronic equipment over a wide AC input voltage range. They can handle any nature of load, resistive, inductive or regenerative, with equal ease. Furthermore, there is no switching of taps or otherwise a break in the power path, which ensures continuous, uninterrupted power supply to the load, irrespective of input voltage variations.

Indoor Static Voltage Regulators

The PWM Static Voltage Regulators feature continuous seamless correction of voltage, surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs. These are light in weight and compact and help in tight regulation of power quality, without switching the active power path. This series is ideal for real-time voltage control, along with the benefits of excellent inbuilt surge voltage protection & electrical noise control circuits.


Standard 3-phase units are available in 3 different fluctuation ranges as below :

Three Phase 400/415 V, 50/60 Hz

+ 12% & + 13% range is sufficient for most industries located in industrial zones
+ 20% range is sufficient for small industries located outside industrial zones, having poor power supply

Standard single-phase units are available in standard +20% fluctuation range as below :

Single Phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz

+ 20% range is sufficient for most applications on single phase loads.

Outdoor Static Voltage Regulators

High precision static voltage regulators (VRp series) have outstanding voltage regulation under widely fluctuating input power. They are easy to install in any environment and have low weight with high efficiency. These regulators are compatible with all loads as they do not switch any components in power path and are used in various outdoor applications such as telecommunication, surveillance, mobile vans, residential & commercial complexes.