UPS health checks

An examination of your UPS will assess its condition and ability to perform as a back-up system. As power protection specialists, we can undertake this service for most multi-vendor brands and third party UPS systems. This will include understanding the following points:

UPS system age & technology

  • Technology used and its effect on electricity usage and heat output
  • Distribution switch gear and associated conditioning
  • Older systems are often oversize, in terms of taking up valuable space and capacity resulting in poor operating efficiencies and potentially higher electricity bills

UPS component condition

  • Batteries are the principle consumable component and generally have a life of 3–5 or 7–10 years
  • Other consumables include fans, which can suffer wear and tear and capacitors, which can dry out

UPS maintenance plan and remote monitoring

  • Existing maintenance arrangements will be reviewed (if required) to provide a like-for-like cost comparison and/or to make recommendations on how to improve response and repair times

The assessment will provide you with:

  • A complete UPS system inspection and review
  • A written report via email for consideration
  • Advice and recommendations on how to improve your system resilience, optimize your power and energy management and reduce your total cost of ownership

All health checks are an important undertaking for any UPS installation to ensure they have an ongoing ability to support your systems.